Ladies, I know, we all ♥ to shop! But how about shopping healthy so that you can wear the latest fashions by looking and feeling your BEST? All the items on this page are hand-picked by me. These are items I have used myself and/or with clients with great success. Whether for weight loss, juicing, and/or calming the mind and spirit. I like to use Amazon because the items are priced well, are all in one shop, and the shipping is fast, especially if you are an Amazon Prime member. Click on the images to go to for purchase. More items are added on a regular basis so please check back often! ♥ Elaine

Recommended items for meditation:
headphones for music:

natural beeswax candle:

soy candles with 100% cotton, lead-free wick:

Meditation music:

chakra balancing music:

Buddha meditating harmony statue:

Meditation chair to ease pressure on your back:

Recommended items for juicing:

Breville juicer:

Cold-press juicer (quiet):

Organic lemon juice:

Recommended items for healthy, low-carb, low-calorie meals:

Vegetable spiralizer:

Sea Kelp noodles:

Shirataki noodles:

Buckwheat (gluten-free, filling grain):

Soba noodles (gluten-free):

Condiments and spices:

Bragg Liquid Aminos (healthier than soy sauce):

Turmeric (great for weight loss, anti-inflammatory, muscle recovery, an Indian spice):

Cayenne pepper powder (great for weight loss, spicy):

Lemon juicer:


Great books and cookbooks:

Quick and healthy cooking

Light cooking/great photos:

Paleo Diet/Gluten-free/Dairy-free cookbook:

Whole foods

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