Level 1:    Simple Wellness Program (email only):   $100/month  - Simple. No frills.  Start as soon as tomorrow!  For those of you who hate talking on the phone and don’t live in the San Francisco Bay Area but are interested in working with me, this Level is for you.  After purchasing, I will email you a Health History form. Once completed, you will begin to receive a weekly health coaching and goal setting report tailored to your specific health needs.  These emails will be motivating and encouraging and contain educational and visual hand-outs on nutrition and wellness.  You will also have unlimited email access to me for questions. Emails are answered within 24 hours.

Level 2:   Inspired Wellness Program (email plus Skype):   $200/month –   This is the Simple Wellness Program plus ONE 45 minute Skype session with me.

Level 3:   Enlightened Wellness Program (in-person sessions):    $400/month – Ready to transform yourself?  This is the highest Level for the woman who is ready to make lasting change by infusing her life with new healthy habits.  These are in-person sessions that require commitment and openness to change.  We will meet once a week for one hour for 12 consecutive weeks to help build momentum in your transformation.  The Enlightened Wellness Program includes health food samples, health items, dietary supplements, books, CDs, herbs, essential oils, cooked food samples, and/or other health items deemed necessary for your growth and attainment of your unique health goals.  One juicing session, cooking session, health food shopping tour, and one meditation session are included in the 12 weeks (see below for what these are).

Wellness Programs

  Want to try some single sessions with me?  Read more below.

Single Sessions

You can purchase single sessions of the following (all are in-person except Life Coaching and Business Development sessions have Skype options):

1 hour New Client Consultation –  In person consultation for new client’s only.  We go over your health history, desired short-term and long-term health goals, discuss sample session questions, review options of services and choose one that works best for you, answer any questions:      $60  (will go towards any service/program you choose thereafter)

1 hour Food Shopping Session –  We choose a health food store closest to your neighborhood and spend the hour walking through each aisle, reading labels, explaining what foods will fit into your lifestyle, body type, and health goals, answering questions, and educating you about different food types and its benefits and/or affects on your body:    $80

1 hour Personal Training session - One-on-one personal training session in the privacy of your own home. We work towards your specific body goals. Whether you want a firmer butt, tighter abs, or want to lose belly fat and a few extra pounds, I work-out right alongside you – teaching, motivating, and encouraging you to achieve your physical goals.   $80

1 hour Juicing Session –  Includes the price of groceries.  Demonstration utilizing different machines. You go home with 2 different homemade juices tailored to your tastes.  With information on the best juicer to buy for your lifestyle :     $100

1 hour Meditation Session - A guided meditation session that teaches techniques to calm your mind personalized to your unique issues.   We first sit down to discuss your goals for meditation.  I bring the music, candles, and other meditation necessities.  I also evaluate your home to help you create a meditation space.  Session includes a free meditation music and mantra CD (personalized to your unique needs) worth $20 and additional health items.    $100

1 hour Cooking Session  -  Includes the price of groceries, health foods, and other ingredients tailored to your tastes and acknowledgement of potential allergies).  Session will leave you with one large dish tailored to your tastes and your requests:      $150

1 hour Life Coaching Session - I ask questions trained to bring out hidden stressors in certain areas of your life.  We visit career, relationships, diet, exercise, and spirituality:    $100 in-person ($60 Skype)

1 hour Group CoachingDo you want to get together with your girlfriends for a girl’s night and learn about health?  Choose a topic that your group would like to learn more about. If you don’t have health-minded girlfriends, just purchase a group coaching session and you will be placed in a group with other women. Great way to receive health coaching and exchange ideas and meet like-minded new friends!  I will plan the event with food and drinks and provide a goodie bag with healthy items for every gal to take home!    $30/person

1 hour Corporate Wellness WorkshopLunch and Learn for your employees at your company on topic of your choosing.  Call the office at (415)692-1807 or email for more info.

1 hour Business Development Session –  Interested in learning how to build your own business?  Whether you are an aspiring health coach or an entrepreneur wanting to start your own business, I share tips with you on how to build your business through marketing, social media, and networking tips.   Learn how to build your own website, hosting, SEO and SEM techniques, and more.   $100 in-person ($60 Skype)


(All sessions are private and one-on-one,  providing you with the individual attention you deserve.  All information you share during sessions are kept strictly confidential in accordance with HIPAA rules).

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