• Home is where the heart is.. and where you can find inner peace

    Posted on June 30, 2014 by Elaine in Thoughts and Musings.

    Hello Friends!

    I’m writing to you from beautiful Northern California this month as I visit my family!

    Today I want to ask you:  What makes you feel at home?

    This was the question of the day proposed by my server at Cafe Gratitude (a raw vegan restaurant) in Venice, California when I lived there last summer.  When I left LA in September, that question “what makes you feel at home” followed me back to New York City.

    We all want to live the best quality life that we can.  It seems more and more people are moving here and moving there to find the best city, best neighborhood, and best lifestyle to live.  Most of us are extremely fortunate to have that choice. We each have that one city where we can walk around alone yet not feel lonely.  Where no matter how many times we leave, that city welcomes us back with open arms, familiar smells, sounds, and sights.  For me, this city is New York. Although I feel at home in NYC,  for me, home means family.

    My family has seen me grow into the woman I am today;  they are the ones who have seen my growing pains yet accept and love me regardless.  All families go through some dark times.  But the best thing about  family is that we have an unconditional, unsaid commitment to each other… forever.   And because of this, I follow my family wherever they go.   A second thing that makes me feel at home is familiar foods.   There are certain dishes and smells that bring back childhood memories of my brothers and I coming home from school to Mom’s home cooking and our sit down family dinners full of conversation and laughs.  Although I am quite a health nut nowadays, I still eat all of my Mom’s cooking :) .  Finally, friends who have known me for a long time yet still love and accept me as I continue to evolve - that’s also home to me.

    Spending time with my family here in Northern California the past 2 weeks solidified for me where I want to put down roots.  Being close to my family makes me feel at peace, secure and safe.  The decision to live my truth the past few years has brought me so much inner peace and happiness.  And it can do the same for you.  All you have to do is listen to your heart.

    So today, take the time to really think what makes you feel at home?  And are you doing all that you can in areas of your life to have that feeling of home?  Are you living in the right city?  Are you surrounding yourself with friends who make you feel at peace and at home? Keep in mind, feeling at home does not have to involve people or foods.  It can be a special place, like a park.  Or a certain smell, like campfire.  Take the time today to think about what makes you feel at home.  What things bring  you those feelings that really warm your heart like nothing else can?  It is these things that we eventually share with our kids to show them who we were before they came long :) .

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