• Cookbook for Busy City Professionals Coming soon!

    Posted on May 31, 2014 by Elaine in Uncategorized.

    I am sooo very excited to share with you that I have a cookbook coming out in a few weeks! Being a city gal myself, I found that busy city professionals often do not have the time to cook a healthy nor tasty meal.  This cookbook will give you simple instructions with only a few ingredients to allow even the very novice cook to create healthy and delicious meals at home in less than 30 minutes!  It’s something that I struggled with living and working in New York City for all these years – I wanted to eat fairly healthy but wanted something tasty.  I also wanted to be able to make myself a quick and easy meal or snack at home, especially during the freezing cold NYC winters.

    This 60-page cookbook will feature a little bit of everything to satisfy tastebuds with step-by-step photo instructions to make it even simpler!

    Below is a sneak peak of a dish from my cookbook!  Created in light of many upcoming summer BBQs, this is a healthier version of a hamburger – a turkey burger.  The secret ingredient here is gluten-free cheddar crackers!  Juicy and flavorful!  I hope you will buy my cookbook to allow yourself the opportunity to create quick and easy healthy meals and snacks.  It will have a little bit of everything – some vegan, mostly gluten-free, salads, desserts, green juices, smoothies, pasta, rice, breakfast, lunch dinner and snack ideas.  Empower yourself into a habit of healthy eating!  More details on my cookbook coming soon!   XO



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