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    Posted on March 29, 2014 by Elaine in Budget Conscious, Thoughts and Musings.

    Earth Hour 2008

    Earth Hour 2008 (Photo credit: gwendolen)

    Earth Hour calls on residents, businesses and governments to switch off non-essential lights and other electronic items for one hour beginning tonight at 8:30 p.m. Saturday to raise awareness about climate change.  Sydney and Hong Kong took part in Earth Hour already and their skylines were unrecognizable for that one hour!

    Inspired by Earth Hour today, I want to talk about disconnecting to reconnect.

    What this means is disconnecting yourself from all your gadgets (ie. smartphones, technology, social media) and reconnecting with the real world.

    This is the one big change I decided to make this Spring.  I found myself too “connected” to texting, to social media (ie. Twitter, Instagram), to my iPhone 5, iTunes, surfing the web to look up EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.   Walking around New York City, I see people looking down all the time at their smartphones.  No one looks up at the beautiful sky anymore.  No one sees how beautiful your eyes are.   Everyone is sooo connected to their gadgets.  I was guilty of it too.  Using my iPhone 5, I would listen to music, text, surf the Web, and take photos.  I would have entire conversations with people just via text message, oh, and instant imessaging, that is.

    Our society today gets anything it wants, at anytime.. instantly.  From instant texts to apps like Task Rabbit (where you can get literally anything you want, anywhere, anytime.  It all depends on how much you are willing to pay for it.) Studies have shown that this “multi-tasking” we are doing is actually NOT good for productivity.  Not one task receives your 100% attention and focus.

    With this said, I have put aside my iPhone to go back to a more simple, disconnected way of life.  Plus, I am reopening myself to using things other than Apple products (this is a whole other story :) .  I have started this a few days ago and have already noticed myself calling people more, instead of just texting.  Instead of spending hours on my iPhone typing in places and things while I’m walking down the street, I am looking up at the beautiful architecture of buildings and seeing the stars (yes, you can see a star or two in NYC :) .  AND, most importantly, I can hear myself think again.  Too often, we try to numb ourselves from real, productive thought by immersing ourselves in other people’s lives (ie. Facebook) or by drowning ourselves in social media and technology overload.

    So my tip this month is to disconnect to reconnect.

    Reconnect with your family, friends, your interests, hobbies, and LIFE in general!

    Look up and raise your head and smile at people!  You never know who will be smiling back at you :) .

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