• Cleanse and Detox to start the New Year

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    Hi FreshyEats readers!

    Happy 2014!

    On this second day of a brand, new exciting year are you ready to get rid of the old and bring in the new and better you?

    Let’s start by getting clean internally and doing a juice cleanse.  Only the second day of a new year am I have been getting questions from clients about cleanses, which has inspired me to write this post.

    There are plenty of juice cleanse options out there – Juice Press, BluePrint, Love Grace, Urban Remedy, Pressed Juicery, Life Juice – so many to choose from, so little time. :)

    My take on juice cleanses is that they are okay if done once or twice a year.  A juice cleanse is a great way to kickstart your healthy habits and to clean your body of sludge from holiday indulgence.

    Keep in mind that overdoing it will affect your natural body metabolism.  It is not natural to live on a liquid diet.

    All of the above mentioned options are great choices.  Choose a cleanse based on your taste buds and on what you can afford.   These cleanses offer delivery right to your doorstep.   They come ready-made and ready to go the morning you receive them.  I recommend starting your juice cleanse on a Friday evening after work so that you have the weekend to adapt.  You will get headaches (especially if you are a coffee drinker) and you will feel slightly lethargic.  But the benefit is that you will feel enlightened like you’ve never been before!   You can definitely still eat a little bit if you find yourself starving.  One cup of black coffee is okay if your headache gets too overwhelming.  You can also have some chicken broth, half an avocado, or some celery sticks.  Don’t think that you have to starve yourself and be miserable.  Otherwise you will never want to do a juice cleanse every again.

    Commercial cleanses periodically offer discounts.   If you are interested in a 20% discount for The BluePrint Cleanse, email me at elaine@elainehealthcoach.com for the discount code :) .  They also award you points for referrals for which you can redeem your accumulated points for items or cleanses for yourself!   SCORE!

    Finally, if a commercial cleanse is too pricey for you right now, try making your own homemade juices.

    Read my article on Mind Body Green on 6 Habits on How to Stick to a Juice Cleanse and how to start a homemade cleanse.

    Click here for the article and share with your friends!

    Cheers to a good cleanse for your body to start off 2014!

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