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    Posted on November 24, 2013 by Elaine in Detox, Thoughts and Musings.

    This picture depicts the seven major Chakras w...

    This picture depicts the seven major Chakras with descriptions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Hi FreshyEats friends!

    It is starting to get  super cold here in NYC… but it doesn’t mean we should stop our exercise, healthy eating, and spiritual habits.  Oftentimes I find clients letting themselves go as the cold hits.  Covered in layers of clothing, it seems okay to put on a few pounds for winter.

    The test here is how strong your will is.  How strong are the habits you have worked on?  Never give up.

    As many of us are probably staying in with a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate (dark hopefully :) , I thought it would be fitting to write a blog post about something that we can focus on while indoors today.

    I want to introduce you to the 7 chakras.  Chakras are areas throughout our body that symbolize a connection between our mental, spiritual realities with our physical body.  Recently I worked with a client who needed help opening her 5th chakra – the throat.   In our first few sessions, I noticed that in her work and her attempt at relationships, she often held back what she really wanted to say.  She was also a “yes” person to the detriment of her.  At work, she is often asked to do things that aren’t part of her job description and she doesn’t know how to say no.  The throat chakra is associated with self-expression, creativity and ability to express your inner truth.

    The best way to open your chakras are through either yoga or meditation.  We started with a meditation session to have her focus on her throat chakra.  Some ways in addition to meditation, to heal a blocked throat chakra are to sing in the shower, scream at the top of your lungs (obviously someplace where people won’t think you are in danger), and journaling to express your inner thoughts.


    The color associated with the throat chakra is blue.  It is the symbol of inspiration, devotion, infinity, calm and peace.   Sapphire, blue topaz, aquamarine, turquoise are used with the throat chakra.

    Recognizing which chakra you have blockage in is key to moving forward in your life to achieve your personal goals. It is something you can work on at home, especially on a cold day like today.  So take some time today to investigate which chakra you think you have blockage in and meditate to open that chakra.  It can make a world of a difference in areas of your life.

    If you have any questions about chakras feel free to email me or write me a note through my Contact page.

    In the meantime, stay in with your loved ones on this chilly, windy NYC day, and listen to some soothing Christmas music (exactly what I am doing right now :P .



    English: Chakra picture produced by AuraStar20...

    English: Chakra picture produced by AuraStar2000TM bio-energy sensor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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