• Homemade Smoothie Inspiration

    Posted on November 10, 2013 by Elaine in 5 minute meal, Breakfast Idea, Budget Conscious, Calorie Counter, Cancer Fighting, Detox, Get in My Fridge!, Tastes just like..., Weight Loss.

    The best kind of meals are those made by YOU at home.

    You can control the flavor, ingredients, and energy that is put into making your meals.

    Today I want to share some homemade smoothies with you to inspire your own creations!  The more colorful your smoothie, the healthier it can be!


    Instead of going to your local frozen yogurt spot, why not experiment and make your own?

    Super simple, after you combine the ingredients in your blender, freeze, and voila, you have your own homemade frozen treat!



    Frozen fruit is just as good as fresh fruit, sometimes better, because the freezing process locks in nutrients.  So stock up that freezer with your favorite frozen fruit.

    Here’s my favorite anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory berry creation.  Great now that the weather is getting colder in NYC.  Great for enjoying a frozen treat in your home with the heat blasting :) .



    All you need is a quality blender, I love my Vitamix.  The Vitamix is a great kitchen tool to have for a lifetime.  It is a machine that will get you to make healthy foods on a consistent basis.
    This is the Vitamix that I have:
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    But you can buy a less expensive version here:

    Investing in a great blender will make a difference in your healthy meal preps. You can make healthy soups, make your own mashed cauliflower, sweet potato pie, smoothies, healthy quiches, and more.

    Go get yourself a quality blender and start creating your own healthy foods at home :) .

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