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    Beans are such a GREAT source of protein and fiber.


    And because beans are built with amazing roughage capabilities, adding beans to your meals can help reduce blood sugar and lower your cholesterol.


    Beans often get a bad rap though.


    They are often thought to cause gas and are sometimes viewed as a high carbohydrate containing food item.


    So some dieters who like to count carbs or go the low-carb route, often avoid eating beans.


    BUT this is a BIG misconception.


    Because beans have so much fiber, the net carbs you are ingesting are much less.


    Subtract the carbs per serving by the fiber per serving and you are left with the net carbs.


    Beans are a great food item because you get your protein, carbs, and fiber all in one little powerhouse bean.


    And there are so many to choose from!


    Red kidney beans, white kidney beans, black beans, lentils, green peas, pintos, garbanzo peas..


    And another big misconception is the gas.


    To discourage seed predators, pulses contain t...

    To discourage seed predators, pulses contain trypsin inhibitors that interfere with digestion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Most of these beans I mentioned require soaking overnight.  This soaking helps to remove the natural coating on the beans (sort of like the saponin that is on the outside of quinoa, which also has to be soaked prior to cooking).


    This is the key to making sure beans don’t give you the gas!


    One of the reasons why I love eating lentils is because it is one of the few beans that you DO NOT need to soak.


    Just open the package and pour the lentils into boiling water and cook.


    Done and ready to eat in less than 10 minutes.

    You can buy canned beans, but beware of the high sodium content.


    Your best bet is to buy dry beans.  They cost about less than $2 per bag.

    Diversity in dry common beans

    Diversity in dry common beans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    So you ready to cook yourself some beans tonight? :)
    Here’s a great cookbook with ideas for making different bean dishes:
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    Get your variety pack of beans delivered to your door while you are at work:

    Here’s another great cookbook for beans plus grains:

    And you can order your canned beans here with NO SODIUM added:


    Enjoy! :)

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