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    Posted on August 19, 2013 by Elaine in Budget Conscious, Thoughts and Musings.


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    Starting today this website will be focusing on publishing blog posts that provide you with money-saving tips to eat healthy and look and feel GREAT!

    In my travels this summer, I have found TWO common goals among people of all ages today.  People in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and so on (regardless of occupation, ethnicity, upbringing, or the city and country that they live in) … all have two desires in common:

    1) to save money.

    2) to be healthier.

    They are NOT mutually exclusive.

    You CAN do both!

    And I’m going to show you how… everyday I’m going to share with you something little that you can do to eat healthier but on the cheap and within your budget.

    So save that money for your next big vacation, your next big shoe purchase (Louboutins? ;)), your next big _______ (fill in the blank) because that will be unique to YOU.    The commonality is that you will have saved money, eaten healthy, and will feel and look your BEST rocking your big ________ !

    If you haven’t subscribed to receive my blog posts yet, scroll on down below on the Home page  and enter your email to sign up to receive my money-saving health tips so you can start TODAY to …

    … look fresh, eat pure, feel alive and save MONEY!





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