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    Posted on July 23, 2013 by Elaine in Detox, Thoughts and Musings.

    Having worked for the pharmaceutical industry for many years, I came to believe that prevention of the progression of a disease should not depend on a pill.   I believe that true, sustainable health and healing comes from within – what you eat, your level of stress, level of spirituality, and level of true happiness from your relationships and from your career.

    An example I can give you are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), such as Motrin or Advil.  NSAIDS can damage your stomach flora and can cause severe pains when eating certain foods.  They wear away your protective stomach lining causing the acids to interact negatively with certain foods, creating the painful knots and twists in your stomach.

    Stomach diagram in Inkscape.

    Stomach diagram in Inkscape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Coffee, dairy and alcohol in combination with NSAIDS are more likely to cause these stomach pains due to a wearing away of the mucosa.To rebuild your stomach lining, take prebiotic and probiotics, like yogurt, bananas, artichokes, wheat-based cereals, onions, and garlic.  If you are allergic to dairy, you can take a probiotic supplement, like this one.   This one has 8 different live strains, 30 million microorganisms, and is vegan:

    You should also increase your fiber intake to 30 grams a day to rebuild your stomach strength.

    Stay away from acidic foods such as animal meat, soft drinks, coffee, alcohol, beer, tobacco, seafood, dairy, wheat, and even blueberries.

    Eat more alkalizing foods such as seaweed, most vegetables, most fruits (lemon is acidic but becomes alkaline when in the stomach), and green juices. For protein, you can eat tofu, almonds, millet, tempeh, and for those of you who supplement protein, whey protein powder is okay.

    Keep your meals clean and fresh by eating oatmeal, boiled potatoes, steamed vegetables, and fresh cut fruit.  Drink hot water with lemon throughout the day to cleanse your body.  Bananas are great and plain brown rice or brown rice pasta is good too.  Eggs and mashed potatoes are also good food options to help settle your stomach after wearing away the mucosa from NSAIDS or from drinking too much caffeine and/or alcohol.

    Also consider taking a digestive enzyme before each meal to regulate your stomach enzymes.  This is the one I take:

    Here is another good one that is made specifically for women and is raw and vegan:

    As you can see and may have already experienced, your stomach lining can be very sensitive and your daily consumption of pills and certain foods can damage that lining.  But taking these remedies can help to strengthen your stomach and prevent unnecessary discomfort and expensive trips to the doctor.

    Take care of your stomach so that you can eat and enjoy all of life’s pleasures! :)


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