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    Many of us suffer from food allergies… and don’t even know it.

    We unnecessarily suffer from stomach pains, breakouts, and other types of physical discomfort.

    One way to figure out what you are allergic to is to go to an allergist.  The doctor performs a series of tests, usually on your arm.   After a day or two, you can see changes on your skin based on what you are allergic to.

    Allergy skin testing

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    Another method is to try any of the allergy tests being offered at labs.  I’m not a big fan of these lab tests.  They require you to spit into a test tube and print out what seems like a very general analysis. Plus, they can be expensive.

    One of the best ways to see if you have a food allergy is to experiment with your own body.

    Obviously, if you think you may have a severe allergy to, say, peanuts, where you think your throat might close up, then I don’t recommend.  But, if you want to see if your body feels and looks better without gluten, cut out all things gluten for one week.

    Keep a food journal to keep track of what you are eating (it’s easy to forget what has gluten when you see a cupcake!). Also, use the food journal to write down how you are feeling both physically and mentally.

    You can try this experiment with caffeine, coffee, dairy, and red meat.  I notice that when I drink coffee I feel anxious and almost nauseous.  I also notice that when I drink coffee everyday and then stop, I get headaches from the withdrawal.   So why do I continue to drink coffee?  Because I love the taste.  You have to enjoy your life. It has been a constant back and forth with coffee but I have finally decided to cut out coffee everyday and only allow it for special occasions -like my Spanish latte from Urth Cafe here in Los Angeles!

    Keep in mind that our bodies are all different – what works for my body may not work for you and vice-versa.

    Try this experiment with meat too.  People often tell me they feel lighter and more energetic by cutting out red meat or reducing their overall intake of meat.   As of July 1st, I have decided to not eat animal meat – both for health and ethical reasons.  For a long time I was afraid to commit to any particular diet or way of eating.  I don’t like being so strict with myself nor do I like to be fanatical.

    Most of my diet for a while now has not included much meat.  But I would allow myself the occasional burger or steak.  I realized that I enjoy feeling light and healthy consistently, more than I do the fleeting joy of the taste of meat.


    So try this food experiment with your own body. You may be pleasantly surprised at how good you feel!  And if you find that your body feels better and your acne has cleared up without dairy in your diet,  this doesn’t mean you have to stop eating ice cream forever.  You will just know and decrease the amount of dairy in your foods.  And keep that ice cream for those special occasions!

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