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    I have always been a shopper… I just love buying stuff, as most girls like to do :) .   Clothes, shoes, bags… I like being a fashionista… but I also like being able to have the body to wear the latest trends.  Here I am in my hippie pants and wedge sneakers shopping at Whole Foods in Union Square.  If your grocery cart is this color consistently, I really want to be your friend! :)

    To have a good body, you need to eat clean.

    How do you eat clean, you ask?

    The best way to eat clean on a consistent basis is to get into a habit of shopping clean.

    But for a long time I didn’t really know how to grocery shop.  And for a long time, I was not healthy nor happy.

    I cringe to think that I used to eat Nutella out of the jar in college as a snack and heat up Dinty Moore canned beef stew as a meal (learned that from an old boyfriend… a good reason why he is an ex :) .

    Going to nutrition school and immersing myself in food literature and clinical studies really helped me learn to grocery shop healthy on a consistent basis and really evaluate everything I put into my body.. and in other people’s bodies.

    Here I made some goodie bags for an event I am hosting next week.   Healthy snacks, no candy!


    Over the past 2 years I have used my body as a science experiment and spent most of my money on food items, herbs, superfoods, teas, kitchen accessories for cooking, exercise items, and books on food, nutrition, and spirituality.

    And now I can happily say that I am a pro at healthy food shopping :) .

    There will always be new things to learn and I am excited about learning them and sharing them with you!

    The healthiest areas in any grocery store is always the perimeter, where the fresh vegetables and fruits and fish and meats are.  These are the perishables.  The interior aisles are the food items that are filled with preservatives and have been sitting on those shelves for gosh knows how long!

    Again, to think that I used to eat Chicken in a Biscuit snack crackers by the box!

    Now I was never fat, which is the problem some people have – they look slim and fit and so they continue to eat whatever they want without a care in the world.  I recently met this beautiful absolutely gorgeous Thai sales girl at Chanel (Nataya if you are reading, yes YOU are the beautiful girl I’m talking about :) .   She had glowing skin, a beautiful face, a slim body (even after giving birth to a girl 15 months ago), and she had the sweetest and most giving, nurturing personality.  It is rare to find a beautiful person both inside and out, especially here in New York City.  But as we were chatting, I found out that she eats only junk food!  Taco Bell?!!  And that she HATES vegetables and fruit.  She told me she NEVER ate a banana in her entire life.  Go figure.

    But the sweet thing is that she feeds her daughter only healthy foods because she doesn’t want her daughter to develop bad eating habits like she has.

    I left Chanel asking Nataya to PROMISE me that she would replace her daily Diet Snapple with a green juice from either Juice Generation or Organic Avenue.

    The point of this story is to share with you that unhealthy eating habits will eventually catch up with you.  We are all young and vibrant and appear healthy because of our youth.  But consistent junk will take its toll on us eventually as we age.  Imagine how much more beautiful you can be in body and spirit by eating and being healthy and happy!

    The time is NOW to start healthy habits.

    I hope this post inspires you to shop healthy and preserve your outer beauty today and tomorrow.

    I am so passionate about healthy eating and healthy living because I have seen the change in myself over the past 2 years.  I have been the happiest and healthiest in all my life NOW.   And because of that I have met amazing, inspirational, good hearted clients and friends who inspire me everyday.  To think that if I had started this years ago, I would have been to my happy and healthy place sooner.  But better late than never, right?  :)

    And everything and everyone I met along the way were lessons I needed to learn.

    So, lesson for today is to add color, veggies, fruits, in your basket and stay away from the middle aisles!  Stocking your grocery basket with some of this is ideal:



    And from that, imagine making yourself this:

    IMG_5039Or this:


    And even this!  (healthy baked onion rings… recipe to come soon!)


    So get inspired and on your next grocery shopping trip, I hope you think of me! :)


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