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    IMG_4700It seems that the older we get, the more busy we are.

    This is my first post for the month of May for particularly that reason!  Busy busy busy!

    Taking the time to enjoy the tranquility that can be found in big cities like New York is a rare occasion and I try to incorporate that into my daily schedule as often as I can.

    While finding some peace for myself, here I stumbled across a couple finding serenity in Central Park, away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy, dirty streets of Manhattan.

    Most of my readers live in big cities – New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Hong Kong, and Shanghai to name a few.

    In these cities, rushing around in crowded spaces for work and play is the norm.

    I try to encourage my clients to stay home once a week and make one homemade meal a week to start off.

    Not too much to ask for.

    By taking the time to make a loving homemade meal for yourself, you control the ingredients,  you control the energy that goes into your foods, and most importantly, you take the time for YOU.

    In big cities like New York, it is WAY too easy to walk into a store and buy pre-made lunch or order in dinner.  Most New Yorkers eat out for dinner.

    And it shows on their skin, their bodies, and their personalities.

    My first dish that I teach my clients to make is always a raw food dish utilizing some of their favorites foods.

    Raw is great because there is no real cooking or cleaning involved.  And it can be quick and healthy.

    The big problem most people have is finding the time to buy the ingredients or groceries needed for a homemade meal.

    There are SO many ways in which you can ensure that your fridge and pantry is stocked with what you need that is healthy.

    You can order from Fresh Direct, order delivery from your nearby grocery store, or the best thing to do is to make some time in your busy schedule to buy groceries once a week at a discount store like Trader Joe’s.   So just like you would make time in your calendar to get your nails done or go to the gym or meet friends for Sunday Funday, you should also make the time to really explore your grocery store and plan your next healthy meal.  Your body will thank you, trust me on this!

    Healthy can be colorful, creative, and tasty!

    Here are a few photos of some great healthy dishes that I put together for my clients in less than 15 minutes.

    Fresh organic baby carrots, fresh herbs, red cabbage, and mashed celery root.  You have to boil the celery root to soften which is why the prep time is 15 minutes.



    Craving some salty, crunchy potato chips?  Just pick up a sweet potato at your nearby grocery store, slice up, drizzle with olive oil and season with sea salt and fresh ground pepper.  Voila! You’ve got yourself a quick n healthy homemade snack!  Again, less than 15 minutes to make.



    The easiest dish to start with is a salad dish.  Everything is raw you just need to chop and dice.  Not even.  You can invest in a food processor to do the dicing and chopping for you! Definitely less than 15 minutes to make.



    Get creative and incorporate some whole grains for healthy carbs for energy.  Here I used millet and cooked it with mushroom and celery.  I used sardines for protein and calcium.  And garnished with fresh herbs, jalapenos, red cabbage and cucumbers.  I made this for a client who is a triathlete and was looking to learn how to make a healthy dish that had good carbs and high in protein for maintaining energy and muscle mass.




    So now that everyday here in New York is a gorgeous sunny warm day, start your healthy homemade meal regimen once a week to start and you will start feeling more energy and look more bikini ready than ever!  Get shopping and make time this weekend to pick up a stash of all this below:



    Oh and how can I forget… dessert!  Here’s a quick n healthy recipe:  homemade coconut macaroons!   Egg whites, agave sugar, almond flour and unsweetened coconut.  Bake for 10 minutes and DONE.  YUM.


    Hopefully my photos have inspired you to try making one of these dishes at home this week!  Bon appetite!

    Read more on homemade healthy and raw in the articles below!


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