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    One thing I do everyday is that I make myself a homemade green juice. I usually drink the green juice in place of a snack and sometimes, in place of a light meal. And I have seen the difference it has made on my energy levels, my figure, and most importantly, my mind.

    This post is a list of all things that you need to have if you want to start making homemade juices for yourself too. Relatedly, I have also included items recommended in conjunction with making homemade juices – items to make a raw food meal for yourself. You don’t always have to turn on the stove to make your meal. So when you are busy, instead of microwaving a frozen pre-packaged meal, you can make yourself a quick, healthy, raw meal that tastes AMAZING!

    Let’s start with the homemade juice items:
    First, you will need a good juicer. I’ve worked with clients with mediocre, economical juicers that are over 5 years old that have been collecting dust in their pantries. You will NOT stick to your regimen of making a healthy juice everyday if you are using a juicer that is old. Trust me. It will get frustrating and you will stop making the juices. Invest in a good juicer that will make pulverizing your fruits and veggies easier.

    You will have this juicer for a long enough time and make hundreds of juices that it will be worth it. Also invest in one that makes clean-up a snap. There are TWO types of juicers you can buy: a centrifugal juicer and a cold-press juicer. The centrifugal juicer is a great one to start with because it is cheaper. A centrifugal juicer basically spins around your fruits and veggies like a washing machine and chops it up with a spinning blade. Most of them are loud like a blender and the metal blades can be dangerous. But all of them come with a lock and a food pusher so you don’t have to worry. I just get scared of how fast the blade spins! My first juicer was a Breville juicer and I used it literally hundreds of times and it still works great!

    Here a few good options for your first juicer:

    Breville Juicer – this one is from the movie Fast, Sick and Nearly Dead. It’s a GREAT juicer and you can put a plastic bag in the pulp catcher and easily tie it up and throw away. Clean up is SO easy.

    Here’s another Breville Juicer but 900 Watts – the higher the wattage the more efficient your juicer. Meaning the machine will juice your fruits and veggies with more power but less heating of the motor.

    Then you have your cold-press juicer. This is how The BluePrint Cleanse juices are made. They do not have blades and are much quieter. Instead, they “press” the juices out of your fruits and veggies, thus maintaining more of the nutrients in your juices. Less oxidation since there is no heat generated from the spinning as is common in the previous type of juicer. This juicer is the BEST if you want the cleanest juices but the catch is – they are expensive. This is the juicer I now use because I juice everyday and juicing is a big part of my life.

    Excellent juicer to get the most out of your fruits and veggies and to drink the CLEANEST and PUREST homemade juice. You will get the most vitamins, minerals and live enzymes from a cold-press juicer.

    Here are a few options for cold-press juicers:

    Now that you have your juicer of choice, you want to make sure you have a running supply of fresh lemons and ginger root. They keep in your fridge for a long time. I also like to keep bottles of organic lemon juice so on my busy days, I can just pour in some fresh lemon juice to my green juice.
    I don’t recommend buying the yellow plastic lemon shaped juices at your local grocer store. They are usually processed with additional preservatives. Buy the organic brand:

    From here you want to buy your green juice ingredients at the beginning of the week so that you don’t have to run to the grocery store during the week. I usually buy mine on Sundays and have enough to make one 16 oz green juice a day for the entire week. I like to buy romaine lettuce, celery, cucumber, kale or spinach, apples, and pears – ALL ORGANIC. Then I add in my organic lemon juice and fresh ginger root.

    Ok now that you have all the supplies to make your homemade green juice, onto making yourself an easy, healthy, RAW meal that is filling and YUMMY!

    First you will need a vegetable spiralizer. It is the single most fun kitchen accessory you will own!
    You can make curly zucchini pasta, curly cucumbers for your salad, dice up red cabbage super quick, or make curly sweet potato fries!

    Stock up on kelp or shirataki noodles – both are low calorie and low carb and a great raw meal to eat that is filling and healthy.


    By having the spiralizer and these guilt-free noodles, you always have handy a raw meal that is healthy and quick to make. Just make sure to season it with some Liquid Aminos for flavor in place of your soy sauce.

    And season to taste with fresh ground pepper and sea salt. More to come on raw food recipes!
    But for now, get started on getting into the habit of making yourself a homemade green juice. And experiment with different fruits and veggies to make one to your liking :) And then experiment with your spiralizer to make quick and healthy homemade snacks and raw meals.

    Remember, the #1 key to having a fit, slim, healthy body is by eating clean and eating right. Happy Eating!

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