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    We have all met people who are vegans and vegetarians but have you met someone who is a raw foodist?  Most of you probably have being that our society is more health conscious than ever.

    What is a raw foodist?

    It is basically someone who eats a natural fresh, whole foods diet with nothing cooked above 104 degrees.  Raw foodists believe in eating foods in their natural state, which allows for the MOST intake of vitamins and minerals and nutrients.  Cooking foods, especially above 104 degrees, kills enzymes and nutrients.  And some people believe that heating foods can created carcinogens and free radicals in your body.   You can still eat pizza and breads and cookies, except the catch is, the dough is made with stuff like flaxseed meal or almond flour AND of course, all cooked and baked under 104 degrees.

    A raw foodie chef I like to follow is Ani Phyo.  I like her because her raw food life is not a recent fad she adopted but rather a lifestyle she grew up with and  learned from her parents.  You can get her book here:

    So I am not a raw foodist by any means.  I love me some of my Mom’s homemade spare ribs and a good juicy burger every now and then!  These foods are treats for me and to live a happy life, you have to allow yourself to indulge every now and again.  But I do make raw food dishes … A LOT!

    For two BIG reasons:

    1) raw food is quick and easy to make

    You don’t have to cook anything!  No pans to scrub, no foods to marinate for hours, no messy clean up.  And that’s important for city gals who have better things to do than to scrub pots.

    2) raw food is the most healthy thing you can eat

    Because you are not heating your foods to extreme high temperatures, you are preserving the foods and their original vitamin, mineral and nutrient contents.

    I love to use my vegetable spiralizer while preparing my raw food dishes.  It makes plain veggies look more fun.  Plus, again, the city girl in me that needs to have things quick and easy, no chopping or dicing involved!  You just turn the crank and voila, your veggies are in lovely spiral shapes and ready to eat.   It’s also a fun little gadget for your kids to play with :) .

    Check out my yummy salad for today!


    tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, carrots made with lots of LOVE!


    And here I decided to add some flavor to it by marinating kelp noodles (will write about these lovelies in my next post) with garlic, freshly ground black pepper, sea salt, and liquid aminos (healthier version of soy sauce). I sprinkled some sunflower seeds for crunch. Looks kinda like the Korean dish Jap Chae, right?  Tastes like it too… but healthier and very, very low calorie, unlike the rice noodles jap chae is normally made with.



    You can get super creative with a spiralizer.  I love to make raw salads AND in place of white refined processed pasta, I use my spiralizer to make zucchini pasta or if that sounds way too healthy, you can make potato pasta (more on my next post).

    You can buy the vegetable spiralizer here:

    So add some raw dishes to your diet and allow your body to reap ALL the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from your foods and potentially help reduce carcinogens and free radicals from heating your foods. Plus for those of you who don’t like to cook or scrub pots, raw food dishes will free up your time to do other more FUN things in your life!


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