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    Posted on March 20, 2013 by Elaine in Detox, Weight Loss.


    Today is the first day of Spring.. Happy Spring, Everyone!

    And because Summer will be here before we know it, I’ve been getting lots of questions from clients about juicing to lose Winter weight for that perfect bikini body.


    So the low-down on juicing to lose weight.. YES it can definitely help you shed some pounds quickly.   If you juice for 3 days, you will likely lose 5 pounds, all of which is just water weight though.  Sorry guys!


    To lose that stomach bloat, a 3 day juice cleanse will help to flatten that tummy.  But only temporarily.

    Keep in mind that a 3 day juice cleanse is just a quick-fix.  To lose weight permanently and to get that toned bikini body, you need to eat right everyday and exercise should be a part of your daily regimen and not a once a week thing or a dreaded chore.

    I see too many New Yorkers binge diet then binge eat, binge party and then binge work-out and then come to me asking why they are not happy or healthy and why they have a beer belly.

    Juicing can definitely help you achieve your goal of losing 10 pounds.   And you don’t need to spend a lot of money to do so.  There are a lot of commercial juice cleanses out there for the busy professional – BluePrint, Organic Avenue, Living Greens in San Francisco, Juice Generation,  Cooler Cleanse and more.



    It’s great to try one of these to experience a juice cleanse for the first time.  But to get into a healthy habit, I recommend making homemade juices.  The BIGGEST benefit of homemade juices?  You get to drink them IMMEDIATELY after making them, thus reaping the benefits of the vitamins and minerals before they oxidize.  AND, you get to make them the way YOU want them to taste.

    Studies have shown that vegetables and fruits will oxidize minutes after you convert them into a  juice.  Unless you go to a Juice Generation like I sometimes do here in Manhattan and watch the guy juice a stalk of celery and stuff some apples and pears in the machine, most likely your juices have been sitting around oxidizing.  Take the BluePrint Cleanse for example.  If you opt to do a 3 or 5 day cleanse with them, it will set you back a couple of hundred bucks and your juices (although pasteurized) will be sitting in your fridge over the length of your juicing.

    I recommend investing in a blender or juicer like a Breville or a Vitamix.  I recently treated myself to a Vitamix and will post more about my Vitamix adventures soon =). Wanna be my Vitamix buddy?  Vitamix has a lifetime guarantee so you will have your juicer/blender FOREVER.  It’s a great investment.

    Buy your very own Vitamix here:

    I make a juice at least once a day – whether it be a green juice, a fruit juice, or a mixture of both.  Sometimes, I just don’t feel like chewing!  And most of the time, I’m feeling a a little hungry =).  I like to eat, what can I say.

    Because I drink a homemade juice everyday, I can go out with friends or on dates and eat WHATEVER my heart desires!  You don’t wanna be that girl or guy who says “No I can’t eat carbs I’m on a diet” or “Oh I am watching my weight and can’t eat anything fried or with eyes.”  Yes,  I have actually had friends say that LOL.

    I love that I can eat whatever I want and be healthy, fit, sexy, and happy.  And you can too!

    Instead of suffering through a 3 day juice cleanse, try making your own juices at home and drink one everyday in place of a snack or in place of a meal. It’s SO easy to drink a meal through a straw that is tasty and filling!

    Eventually it will become a habit where you can make a homemade juice with your eyes closed!  I can make my juices now while chatting on the phone! LOL

    Thank goodness I finally got a Vitamix because it’s so quiet.  My Breville juicer was so loud (even the best version) that it was hard to talk on the phone and juice. I think my neighbors always heard me juicing because my Breville was so damn loud!


    So don’t put yourself through 3 days of not eating.  That’s just misery.  At least it was for me!  Go get yourself a juicer and stock up on fresh veggies and fruits and get creative and make a concoction to your liking!  I remember the last time I bought a juice at Juice Generation, I wanted to spit it out!  They have set juice mixtures and there is always one ingredient that I’m not really feeling (wheat grass? EH…not tasty without more fruit).

    Homemade juices are SO quick and easy to make.  You can make your own juice in less than 5 minutes.  Just stuff it in the juicer and voila you got your weight loss elixir ready to go.

    No excuses!  We all have time to make our own juices.  My good friend, Rebecca, and I always say to each other “there are SO many hours in a day and SO much to do!”

    Go forth, my friends, and JUICE!



    To read more about homemade juice cleanses, read my other blog post here.



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