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    Juice cleanse discount only until Friday, March 29, 2013!

    If you are interested in trying the BluePrint Cleanse, mention my name and this email echilee@gmail.com when you call and say SPRINGCLEAN when you order.  You will get 15% off a juice cleanse delivered right to your door!  If you are a first time juice cleanser, do the 3 day cleanse.  It’s  a great way to try a juice cleanse and a great way to kick off Spring cleaning of your body to lose a few pounds!


    Yesterday I was out of commission for an entire day … and I was not a happy camper. Not only was I not feeling well physically, but mentally I was being hard on myself.
    It is the start of a brand new year and I have so many things I want to do this year. I did not like being bed-ridden, tired, and unwell.

    But being a health coach, I knew how to listen to my body and knew what I needed to do to get better … FAST.

    On the bright side of things, I am feeling better today :) . I have also started a homemade juice cleanse to flush out toxins, restart my digestive tract, and to provide my body with immediate vitamins and minerals.

    Lately, I have been getting a lot of questions about juice cleansing. A lot of celebrities have jumped on the band wagon and started their new year’s clean, sober, and juicy!

    Here in NYC, juicing has become the latest fashion trend. Derek and Daniel Koch, twin brothers who are nightlife gurus here in NYC and own Toy, have started a tradition of 85 days of sobriety as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s. They start it off with: surprise surprise! A juice fast!

    Read this article from the New York Post on the New York celebs and social elite who are juicing NOW!

    And here are some tips for going booze-free in the New Year from the New York Post article:

    1) Drink a lot of water. “Buy a cool water bottle and carry it with you all the time,” says Derek Koch. And don’t forget to “refill it over and over.”

    2) Find a partner to help do it with you. “Maybe a girlfriend or someone you work with,” advises Daniel Koch. “You don’t have to do it alone.”

    3) Suggest meeting friends over activities such as “shopping, a yoga class or at the gym, instead of a bar or restaurant,” says nutritionist Danielle Pashko.

    4) Get into a morning workout schedule. “If you usually exercise at night, start in the morning instead, and you will dread the idea of a hangover,” says Pashko.

    5) Begin a diet, cleanse or program with alcohol-free guidelines. “Once you finish, you may feel so great that you don’t want to go backwards,” says Pashko.

    Here are my homemade juices that I am drinking today:

    The first one is for vitamin C and a digestive aid: Two large grapefruits juiced and tangy! (add some fresh ginger root to your juicer for additional cold-fighting benefits and digestive aid)
    The second one is my green juice: kale, romaine lettuce, cucumber, celery, apple, pear, ginger, and lemon juice (the apple and pear help to sweeten up the juice)
    The third one is my special carrot juice: carrots, apple, and beets

    And to all my juices I usually add organic lemon juice and fresh ginger root. This is the brand of organic lemon juice I use. (It has no additives or preservatives like the lemon juice you see in those plastic lemon-shaped yellow things you see at your local grocery store). Buy the same organic lemon juice brand I use here at Amazon (get more than one because if you are going to make homemade juices, the lemon juice goes fast!) Plus it’s always great to have organic lemon juice handy in your fridge to add to your water for detoxing:

    Making your own juices is cheaper. So if you have the time to buy your own ingredients and invest in a juicer, DO IT. Buy this juicer here from Amazon (this is the one I use):

    If you want the top of the line juicer, the one that celebrities use and EVERY dietician/nutritionist/raw foodie uses, then splurge and go for the Vitamix. You will have it for the rest of your life! I know someone who has had a Vitamix since the 1970s!! (was it around then? I had no idea!) It will get ALL the juice out of your fruits and veggies and slow down the oxidation process. Buy Vitamix here from Amazon:

    Juicing on your own is also better than buying pre-made juices because veggies and fruits lose their max potency in terms of vitamins and minerals within minutes after juicing. Think about an apple that you cut open and leave out. It starts to turn brown, right?
    Same thing happens to veggies and fruits and items you juice – exposure to air starts to oxidize them. So drink your juices IMMEDIATELY after you make them.


    homemade juice cleanse

    homemade juice cleanse

    So if you are starting to feel under the weather (as this is the time of year when most people do) try adding some juices to your daily regimen to give yourself a quick, fast boost of vitamins and minerals and to give your digestive tract a break, saving that energy for your health.

    Buy this book to learn more about juice cleansing (for 3 days) by the founders of The BluePrint Cleanse:


    Read this article from MindBodyGreen about the right and wrong ways to juice if you are embarking on a juice cleanse for the first time.

    And read this article from Harvard Health about the myths behind detoxing.  According to Harvard Health, detoxing via juice cleansing may not be great for your body because it may damage the intestinal flora and completely change your metabolism.  And most juice cleanses don’t provide your daily requirements of protein, carbs, and fats.

    So juice with caution and always consult your doctor. I like to drink a homemade juice at least once a day instead of suffering through 3 days of not eating. Plus, having one juice a day is a great habit to have to keep your body on the right track all year :) .

    Click below or here for my latest post on things to buy for your first homemade juice cleanse!


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