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    Posted on January 3, 2013 by Elaine in Athlete's Corner, Thoughts and Musings, Weight Loss.

    So one of my New Year’s resolutions is to take more gym classes.

    Equinox is known for its stellar classes and for a while now, I have not taken advantage of all they have to offer.

    But last night … I went to one of their spin classes.

    It was a great change-up to my usual workout!

    Spinning has been a big thing in NYC and LA for a couple of years now.  I tried it once before … but didn’t love it.

    Maybe it has to do with the instructor … the atmosphere… the music … and the timing.

    Soul Cycle and Fly Wheel are two big spinning places in NYC and a single class is $32.

    Here’s a link to some very interesting thoughts of how and what one cyclist felt when in a spin class.

    What was interesting was that at one point during our cycling, they played a song that I used to hear at clubs.  And instead, here I was getting a cycling “high”.  A HUGE smile spread across my face as sweat dripped down my back … and I peddled even harder.

    Taking a look around the darkened cycling studio and the fellow gym rats workin’ it too made me feel a sense of camaraderie … something I never felt when I was a party girl.

    So for 2013, why don’t you try a new gym class or a new way of working out?

    It too may help you relive some good ol’ memories … but in a brand new way!



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