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    Autumn in NYC


    Autumn in NYC is always so pretty.  Orange, red, yellow colors dot the gray pavements of city life like a portrait painting.

    Kids and dogs, like my little one, love to jump on the dried, crunchy leaves.

    Kiko in Central Park in Autumn

    Halloween and Thanksgiving, a good mix of fun and then family, also brings to mind the color orange.  From pumpkins patches to multi-squash decorations to other vegetables and fruits that are in season, like the persimmon.

    ripe fuyu persimmon

    Persimmons look like tomatoes but crunch like an apple and taste mildly like both an apple and an apricot.  As my loyal readers know by now, fruits and vegetables that are brightly colored in a red- orange are high in BETA CAROTENE and VITAMIN A!

    Beta carotene is thought to help in the following:

    prevention against cancer (particularly breast) and heart disease

    To slow the progression of cataracts

    To prevent macular degeneration

    To boost immunity

    To protect the skin against sunburn




    Parkinson’s disease


    Persimmons are also high in Vitamin A, which is good for the eye, particularly to prevent drying of the cornea of the eye.

    One persimmon is about 100 calories and has about 5 grams of fiber.  So if you are overdoing it with apples (which is a good thing :) and want to switch up your fruit options, try a crunchy persimmon!

    Fuyu persimmons can keep for a long time without refrigeration.  Just keep it in a cool, dark spot and you can store a load of persimmons for whenever you want to eat them without worrying that they will go rotten.  So if you are always on the go and want to make sure you have a healthy snack around, persimmons will keep for a long time!

    Another version of the persimmon called the hachiya persimmon is much softer and juicier when ripe.  It a bit pointier at the tip and redder in color but won’t keep as long as the fuyu persimmon.

    Persimmons originated from China and traveled to Japan, where it is a popular fruit.  You will find persimmons in Asian food stores during the Fall season.  They also come in dried form but are not as healthy.

    Dried Persimmon

    Dried Persimmon (Photo credit: chooyutshing)

    Give persimmons a try while they are ripe and in season!

    English: photo of a hachiya persimmon

    hachiya persimmon






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