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    Posted on November 25, 2012 by Elaine in Thoughts and Musings.



    The best (or worst) thing about New York City is its nightlife.

    And I say best or worst because it all depends on where you are in life, how you can handle the nightlife and whether or not it’s good for your soul and your current goals.

    It is truly the city that never sleeps.

    Growing up in New York City, I went to my first big NYC club when I was 16 years old.    Back then, they weren’t as strict and I naively used my real ID, never even bothering to get a fake one.  Limelight was the name of the club and it was an old church that had caged dancers and rooms and rooms full of different music and people.

    It was easy to see why people got hooked.

    Last week a friend invited me to Fabulous’ birthday party at WIP, the infamous place where Chris Brown and Drake had their fight.   It’s not my scene at all but I agreed to go because my intuition told me I had something to learn.  At the party,  J.R. Smith from the Knicks was there.  If you guys follow the Knicks, J.R. was faltering in his performance on the court last year.  Why? Because he got sucked into the New York City nightlife and partied every other night.  He finally came to his senses and luckily, with the support of a professional staff, he refocused on his priorities – basketball.

    It’s hard to go to the gym and train if you are hung over and sleeping in.  It’s hard to focus on your goals and priorities when your mind is foggy and your judgment is clouded.  But we are not all lucky like J.R. Smith to have a professional staff whip you back into shape and force you to refocus.

    I was ready to leave WIP within an hour… and did.  Maybe that was me a long time ago.  But where I am now in life, it is not there.  And hopefully everyone at that club will eventually see that too.  Sure I love good music and sometimes need to get a good dance out of my body!  But I know when enough is enough for me.

    Do you?

    I was pretty hard on myself this week for partaking in pre-holiday parties and indulging.  But I remembered my previous blog post in September called “A New Season” about doing things enough times to eventually KNOW when you are done.  Click here for that post.

    I am happy to say that I have decided to quit alcohol.  I was never a big drinker but even the drink or two I had at each party made me feel guilty because of the work I am set out to do now.

    I have to lead by good example and want to be that professional staff that we all need to be our best selves in this lifetime.

    You will know when you’ve had enough of something you are doing.  A lot of it has to do with maturity and when what used to bring you temporary bliss is now not.  But most of it has to do with what you want out of life.

    Think about the things you are doing now and why you are doing them.  Are you running away from something?  Are you unhappy about something?  Or maybe you are trying to find something in the wrong places?

    Take this Sunday to think about all the things you do in your life and see if they are helping or hurting you from achieving your goals.


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