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    Posted on November 15, 2012 by Elaine in Thoughts and Musings.

    Change is an inevitable part of life.

    We move to new cities, make new friends, get promoted, change careers, travel, have kids, embark on new romantic relationships, adopt new hairstyles or fashion styles and more.   Our daily interactions and experiences, no matter  how small they are, contribute to these changes within us.  It is a compilation of these minute changes that ultimately make us who we are long-term.

    Last night I went to support my dear friend, Cathy Hobbs, in the launch of her healthy, non-toxic,  eco-friendly paint line,  Mythic at Bobby Berk Home in Soho.  Cathy was a television reporter and anchor for many years.  Like me, she left the business and reinvented for herself a new career that speaks from her heart and soul.   After the birth of her child, now 2 years old, Cathy began to think in a more health conscious manner.   Cathy is now a LEED certified green interior designer, who has appeared on HGTV’s Design Star and does home-staging for real estate ventures.

    She is the epitome of reinvention and the successful embracing of change.


    Cathy Hobbs and me at Bobby Berk Home in SoHo

    Too often, people stay at jobs, cities, and relationships that no longer serve the purpose they once did.  It takes courage to make that change.  It takes faith.  It takes strength.  It takes trust in yourself.   It takes knowing oneself inside and out in order to reinvent yourself in a way that speaks from the heart.

    Sometimes we fear what others may think when we make our changes.  When I left the television industry, my colleagues wondered and gossiped about what could be the real reasons behind my departure.   My agent, manager, and news director all told me not to leave and that the business needed good reporters and anchors like me.  That made me feel even more conflicted and guilty about my decision.  Something that I dreamed of doing since I was 8 years old.  How could I now have a change of heart?

    But after much thinking, I followed my heart as I have always done.   When you make a big change in your life like I did, there will always be naysayers or people who make assumptions as to why you made the change.  Never let that affect you because it will cause turmoil within your soul.

    Trust yourself.

    The thing about change is that it is not forever.  If I so desire, I could merge my health coaching business into a television venture down the road.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  We are blessed to be able to reinvent ourselves until we are fulfilled.  And once you have the courage to reinvent yourself once, it isn’t so hard to do again =).

    Embrace change and it will embrace you!

    The most important thing is to have a great support network to surround yourself with as you go through changes and life in general.  I am blessed to have understanding and open-minded parents who support all my sometimes crazy decisions =).  They somehow always believe in me which helps me believe in myself.  And to have a handful of really good, close friends to accept you for everything you are and every change you undergo.  That’s the key to a successful reinvention of thy self.


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