• 8 reasons to love ginger

    Posted on September 19, 2012 by Elaine in Cancer Fighting, Detox, Weight Loss.


    I am obsessed with all things ginger!

    Ginger ale, ginger beer, ginger snaps, ginger candy, ginger tea, ginger root, ginger bread, ginger martini – you name it as long as ginger is one of the ingredients I’m on it like white on rice.

    Why my obsession with ginger?

    Because I am all about eating anything that is 100% good for you. And ginger is exactly that!

    Here are 8 reasons to love ginger:

    1) it is great for fighting colds, treating coughs and sore throats

    2) helps to build up your immune system

    3) aids with digestion

    4) reduces the free radicals in your body

    5) gets rid of nausea, morning sickness, or seasickness

    6) helps get rid of stomach aches

    7) improves blood circulation

    8) reduces headache and fatigue

    Recently my newly pregnant neighbor told me about how her morning sickness is an everyday sickness and she couldn’t stand it. She had to stay home all the time and cancel all her social plans because of her nausea. She came over one night to hang out and I offered her ginger honey tea. Immediately she felt better. I also gave her some crystallized ginger candy to take home with her. The next day she told me her nausea was gone and she went to buy her own stash of ginger everything!

    Ginger is really that amazing. The effects can usually be felt immediately.

    Ginger is used as a condiment, a spice, and for medicinal purposes, particularly in Asia. Fermented ginger like that eaten with sushi is extremely good for your health. It can help to neutralize bad breath and also cleanse your palate. So the next time you are eating sushi, put some of that sliced ginger on your rolls. It not only adds to the flavor but is super good for you!

    I like to use ginger when I make fish. I take whole ginger root and cut up thin, long slices of ginger to put on my fish and then steam or bake it. A great healthy, quick meal :) . I also put pieces of ginger root in my juicer or in my blender for my smoothies. It gives my concoctions a bit of a spicy kick and also some immune boost for my day.

    Here is a photo of some crystallized ginger, or ginger candy.


    Crystallized ginger is my favorite way to eat ginger! In place of sour candy, which was my absolute fav back in the day, I now eat ginger candy.

    If you are a bit averse to ginger, my first suggestion is to try some ginger beer or ginger ale. Get used to the flavor. Then spread your wings and move on to ginger snaps and ginger bread and ginger candy. Once you have mastered those, you can try eating ginger pieces raw! That is for the black belt of ginger eaters. Even I can’t handle the spiciness of raw ginger sometimes!!!

    So get some ginger in your life starting today!!! You will find that you will no longer get colds, flus, or coughs and sore throats. That alone is reason enough to eat some ginger. Happy ginger hunting!

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