• Morning Green Juice

    Posted on September 16, 2012 by Elaine in 5 minute meal, Breakfast Idea, Calorie Counter, Cancer Fighting, Detox, Weight Loss.


    Most people get their morning started with a cup of coffee – the aroma itself is enough to get your senses going in the morning and the caffeine is enough to give your sleeping body a jolt.

    I do love my cup of Joe… it was a ritual for many years for me. After a long night out on the weekends, what is better than a steaming hot cup of aromatic, fresh brewed coffee! Then during work hours, a cup of sweetened coffee always kept me going.

    I still love my coffee. But nowadays, I drink it as a treat. My favorite is the caramel macchiato from Starbucks. It is so sweet and tasty that sometimes I don’t even remember that I’m drinking a strong, normally bitter Starbucks coffee!

    Instead what I have been drinking is green tea or hot water or like today, I had the ingredients and the time to make a yummy organic green juice.

    One stalk of organic celery, half an organic apple, two handfuls of kale, slices of ginger root, a few shards of fennel, and some lime and voila – an organic green juice made in less than 5 minutes to help cleanse, detox, and wake up my body. The apple makes the green juice a bit sweeter and the ginger gives the juice a bit of spice.


    It’s amazing how much pulp is left behind! Although this is the fiber that is good for you, sometimes you want to give your digestive track a break and don’t want to ingest that much fiber. Your body just wants the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and, like a true New Yorker, you want it NOW. The best way to get your nutrients from food immediately without waiting for it to digest is through juicing. Getting rid of all this pulp from your veggies can help you to absorb the vitamins and minerals quicker and easier. Just look at all this veggie pulp!!


    As I’m getting into more of a habit of juicing, I am realizing that I need to stock up more on the ingredients for my smoothies. I also need to make a huge batch and then freeze it so that I can drink it for a few days. It’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you have to think about it or when you have to go out and buy the ingredients. By having it already made and quickly available, you will remember to drink it and you will drink it more often.


    Keep in mind that you will need a lot of raw veggies to make a 16 oz glass of pure juice. Here I used a 16 oz bag of organic carrots which yielded me about 7 oz of carrot juice. But for 89 cents a bag, that’s not bad for a glass of homemade organic carrot juice the way I like it!


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