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    Posted on August 26, 2012 by Elaine in 5 minute meal, Athlete's Corner, Breakfast Idea, Budget Conscious, Calorie Counter, Cancer Fighting, Detox, Get in My Fridge!, Weight Loss.


    Lately I’ve gotten a number of questions from readers about juice cleansing.

    And for very good reason.

    It’s summer time and you want to look good on the beach. Or you overdid it eating and drinking a bit too much at that really fun BBQ. Or you are getting ready for summer’s last hurrah… Labor Day weekend!

    Whatever your reason for starting a juice cleanse, there are some things to keep in mind.

    First, it doesn’t matter where you get your juices. I wrote about Blueprint last month because that was the cleanse I chose. But nowadays there are so many different juice companies to choose from. There is Cooler Cleanse. You can choose the juices of your liking to make your cleanse easier to follow.. An even better idea, make your own juices!


    I recently bought my first juicer and I am obsessed with it! I just love how powerful it is. I love stuffing fruits and veggies into the juicer with the “food pusher” yes that’s what is is officially called. LOL

    The Breville 200XL is awesome! It is not too loud and it is affordable. At $99 you can’t go wrong and you’ve got it for life. You can buy it on Amazon.

    The reason why juicing has become so popular is because people got wind of how the vitamins and minerals our bodies need are really all in the juices of our fruits and vegetables. The “‘pulp” is not as full of vitamins and gives our digestive track more work to eventually excrete it.

    Another great thing about juicing is that you can make a quick meal during the day and have it be super healthy and feel full. Say you are just getting home from work and are about to hit Central Park for run. You can make a large apple, celery, and carrot juice to give you the energy and vitamins you need for that run.


    Ah and the oh so famous, “green juice.”. Green juice, green smoothie, whatever you want to call it, it’s basically a large dose of dark green leafy vegetables. Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, lemon, ginger, and throw in an apple for a sweeter juice. Instead of chewing all those veggies, you drink it and your body absorbs the vitamins and minerals immediately.

    So back to juice cleansing.


    If this is your first time trying a juice cleanse without eating solid foods, I would recommend doing an official juice cleanse with a company, ie. Blueprint or Cooler Cleanse, and following their instructions religiously. The juices are fresh and made well. Don’t experiment making your own juices just yet. You want to concentrate on your cleanse and focus. Juice cleansing is serious stuff, you can damage your intestinal lining or change your stomach mucosa if you are not careful. After my first juice cleanse, my stomach was so sensitive. I am currently drinking kefir to build up the good bacteria in my stomach.

    Also, it is recommended to do a full 3 day cleanse for the full effects – detox, loss of water weight, and mental and physical benefits. If you have yet to try a juice cleanse, you can slowly get into juicing by making your own juices and slowly incorporating them into your diet. Have one as a snack. Or have one for breakfast. You dont have to jump all in and do a juice cleanse right away.

    Whatever you decide to do, incorporating juices into your diet in some way shape or form will do wonders for your body!

    Happy Juicing!


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