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    Kefir (Photo credit: Claudio Brisighello)

    Sorry that my August’s posts have been lacking… this summer has been a particularly busy one in terms of internal changes for me.  We are constantly evolving human beings and change is good because it keeps us on our toes and makes us feel alive!  I have never felt as alive as right now, building up my own business.

    As I continue on my path to a life and career that is more in line with who I am now, I am also taking the time to experiment with different food items and diets.  Called bio-individuality, everyone’s body reacts differently to different things – what is one man’s panacea is another man’s poison.

    Speaking of poison, whatever I ate yesterday definitely did not sit well in my digestive tract.  I met a friend for lunch and ate at Caravan of Dreams, a fairly healthy restaurant down in the East Village.  I only say fairly healthy because there were flies or moths flying around while we were eating.  And on top of that, I had a terrible stomach ache later that night, but it could be from a number of other things – the cleanliness of the restaurant, the coffee I drank later that day, the milk in the coffee, the spicy pickle I ate later that day, or the new food item I tried at the restaurant: kefir.


    Kefir (Photo credit: Ibán)

    Kefir is popular as a milk drink in Eastern Europe, particularly Turkey.   Here in the U.S., kefir is consumed mostly by the health conscious because of its many beneficial health properties.  Kefir is made by fermenting milk with bacteria – it’s closest cousin is yogurt.  The difference is that kefir has many more different types of bacteria and also has yeast, a combo that is believed to help make the digestive tract stronger against bad bacteria, like E. coli or intestinal parasites.

    Kefir is believed to aid in the following:

    lactose intolerance

    reduce cholesterol

    reduce high blood pressure

    assist in shrinking cancerous tumors

    overall digestive health


    kefir cashew dip in the upper left (looks like cottage cheese/ice cream)

    Kefir is a good source of calcium, protein, and potassium.  The texture and appearance is similar to that of cottage cheese.  Here is the appetizer platter that had the kefir.  It is the white blob that looks a bit like cottage cheese.  It was made with cashews, which helped to minimize the texture and tartness.  It reminded me of the cashew milk juice from BluePrint Cleanse.  I can’t say that I ate enough of kefir for it to have such an affect on my digestive tract.  But they usually say to start slow and small with kefir and then build up.  So the small amount I had might have been enough for my digestive tract to start the cleanse.

    Either way, after my experience with kefir, I decided to use my body as a science experiment and incorporate kefir into my daily diet for the next two weeks.  I am interested in building up the good bacteria in my intestinal tract.

    You can buy quality kefir grains and make kefir at home.   All you need is a glass jar, some milk, and the kefir grains.  Some people also just make water kefir, without the milk.  Check out this link on water kefir at waterkefir.org.

    Here is an article from the Los Angeles Times that elaborate on studies done with kefir and whether they have any merit.  You can decide for yourself if you would like to try kefir, which kind of kefir, and do a science experiment on your body like I am!  If you decide to try kefir for a week or two, I would love to hear how it is going for you!


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