• 8 reasons to like polenta

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    Polenta is a common Italian and Mediterranean dish made of corn.  In the American South, it is  commonly called “grits.”

    Polenta was often a peasant’s meal, which is probably why it is still so cheap today.  You can make polenta yourself by adding corn meal to water.  But this tube of pre-cooked, organic polenta was only $1.99 at Trader Joe’s.  So why go through the trouble of making it yourself? =)



    8 reasons to like polenta:

    1) gluten-free

    2) low calorie

    3) low in carbs

    4) no fat

    5) provides protein

    6) cheap

    7) quick to make a meal

    8) can store for a long time before opening

    It does, however, have 1 gram of sugar.  But that’s not a deal breaker, right?  You can also keep this organic polenta tube in your cupboard for  a long time as a reserve for rainy days just like you store canned goods.  Once opened, however, it needs to be refrigerated.

    Overall, polenta is great to add some gluten-free and budget conscious variety to your meals.

    My favorite way to eat polenta  - as a souffle! Here is a spinach polenta souffle and the recipe from www.wheat-free.org.


    Here is another delicious way to eat polenta – gorgonzola polenta fries!  Here is the recipe from Epicurious.

    photo courtesy of Mirrasou winery


    Polenta is very versatile and can be used in many different dishes and cooked many different ways.  Grilled, fried, baked, creamy – you name it, and you can cook polenta that way.  So, whatever your heart’s desire!  You can eat polenta for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  I like to use it for dinner since it is low carb and low calorie.

    You can take the tube of pre-cooked organic polenta and slice it and bake it.  Within a few minutes, you’ve got yourself a quick, easy, and healthy meal!  I like to buy organic polenta because corn tends to be genetically modified, which, if unorganic, could be in the cornmeal that you would have to use to make your own polenta.

    So go great creative and try your hand at making your own polenta dish and in this budget-conscious economy we now live in, a tube of organic polenta is a pretty good item to keep around in your kitchen.


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