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    Posted on July 9, 2012 by Elaine in Detox, Thoughts and Musings, Weight Loss.

    BluePrint Cleanse

    It’s the latest rage… detoxing your body by way of drinking just blended fruit, nut, or vegetable juice for one, two, three days and sometimes more.  Experienced juicers can handle up to five days of no hard food.  It seems we can train our bodies to do just about anything nowadays.

    I recently learned about “breatharianism” – the belief that humans don’t need food or water but can survive on the air that we breathe.  I think food and water are a part of life, just like the air that we breathe.  Many religions and cultures have their followers perform some fasting rituals.   Those who have tried fasting say they achieved a certain enlightenment.   The same is said about juice cleansing.

    I did my first 48 hour juice cleanse from 330pm Saturday to 330pm Monday.  It is the first time in my life I have ever denied my body food and it was an interesting experience to say the least.  I did the BluePrint 3-day cleanse but along the way decided to make it 2.  The reason being :  I missed eating food.

    I made the executive decision to stop my cleanse and to use the remainder of the juices as upkeep during the week.  The juices actually taste pretty good individually.  But when it is your only meal, it tends to start tasting gross.

    Juicing is not for everyone and you have to be careful about monitoring your symptoms.  I had a persistent headache the whole time I was juicing and felt a bit slower than usual.   The irony is that although my body felt slower, my head had more clarity.  The headache was the annoying part.

    I find joy in eating food.  Some people eat due to stress or boredom – called emotional eating.    But I eat because I love the taste and textures and smells of food.

    I think it’s okay to do a one or two day juice cleanse to jumpstart a weight loss regimen, feel and look less bloated before hitting the beach, or to give your body a break from drinking coffee, alcohol, eating red meat, eating BBQ food, etc.

    My philosophy is that as long as you eat things in moderation, go ahead and eat it!

    Denying yourself will only cause binges and cravings and imbalance.

    What I felt:

    During the 48 hours, my mouth and throat felt dehydrated.  It is advised that you drink water, green tea, and water with lemon during the cleanse.  I definitely didn’t drink enough of it.  I also felt fragile and a consistent hunger in my chest. I weighed myself after my cleanse prior to eating my first meal and found that I lost 5 pounds.  Keep in mind that this is just water weight.  The pounds will come back once I get back to my normal eating habits.

    If you decide to do a cleanse, make sure you monitor your body.  Only YOU know your body the best.  I couldn’t stand having a headache anymore and so I ended my cleanse early.  Although they say if you must eat, you can snack on celery sticks, eat half an avocado, or drink low sodium vegetable broth, I wanted the full experience of no food.

    But boy, did I miss food.

    Conclusion:  juice cleanse is great for one day or two.  Even substituting a meal with a vegetable juice is great.   But I would never do the Master Cleanse or juicing for more than two days.  I don’t think it’s healthy nor safe.  If you want to look thin and get rid of the bloating before you hit the beach, then juice the day before.  Keep in mind, once you stop juicing, the weight will come back.  The main purpose for juice cleanses are to get your body back to square one and to get your mindset to eating cleaner and healthier.  After your juice cleanse, DO NOT eat anything fried or greasy!  It is recommended to eat a vegetable broth, fish, and steamed veggies.  This is what I had – low sodium organic chicken broth with okra, carrots, artichoke hearts, and quinoa, along with steamed tilapia and steamed brussel sprouts.  I was HUNGRY!

    quinoa with okra, carrots, artichoke hearts in low sodium chicken broth

    A juice cleanse is great for one day and to do once in a while to restart your body and restart your mind.  But I would not recommend it as a long-term way of losing weight.  The great thing is that juicing once is likely to get you adopt healthier food choices.


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