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    Posted on June 26, 2012 by Elaine in 5 minute meal, Athlete's Corner, Books, Breakfast Idea, Budget Conscious, Calorie Counter, Cancer Fighting, Detox, Weight Loss.

    Ever since I bought my first blender (pink of course!), I’ve been experimenting with it to make smoothies, grind whole flax seeds, make salsa, mash cauliflower, etc.    It is your run of the mill simple blender but great for first-timers.  You can buy it here from Amazon if you want to try your hand at blending!

    But after a few months, I’m ready for the ultimate of blenders – the Vitamix!!  It’s definitely not for beginners because it is 10 times more expensive than the blender I suggested above but it is FABULOUS! and used by some of the top nutritionists, athletes,  and “juicers” all over the country.

    I realized I needed a more high powered blender today when I made my green smoothie.  It is my take on the Blueprint Green juice.  It was delicious but thicker and cheaper than the BluePrint version.  I used kale, celery, spinach, one apple, a slice of lemon, and a few slices of fresh ginger for a kick.  I then added a little water.  I could have added more water or fruit juice to it to make it less thick.  But I wanted to keep the ginger and lemon taste potent since I like the spicy, tangy kick!  Adding too much water will dilute it.

    I bought a huge bag of pre-cut, pre-washed kale, a lemon, some fresh ginger, celery, and frozen spinach for less than what it costs to buy one bottle of BluePrint.  My trip to Trader Joe’s will make me a gallon of green smoothie that I can freeze and drink for a week or two.   The BluePrint juices are definitely delicious – they go down smoothly, are packed with nutrients, and are great for the busy professional who is always on-the-go.  But… they can be costly.  One day of cleansing with 6 BluePrint juices costs $65.  If you are interested in trying the BluePrint Cleanse or their individual juices, click here to go to the website.  Here is also a book by the founders of BluePrint discussing how to do a healthy 3-day cleanse.

    I am considering buying a juicer too just to have my green smoothie not so thick.  But my philosophy is that blending keeps the nutrients and pulp of the fruits and vegetables in your drink, whereas juicing gets rid of the pulp, potentially depriving you of the essential nutrients.  Also, by blending your fruits and/or vegetables, your body can digest and absorb the vitamins and minerals faster and better.

    I like to add some fruit to the side of my vegetable smoothie and eat it in between gulps.  The fruit is also great to decorate your smoothie if you are serving to guests =).

    In any case, the one gadget that everyone should have in their kitchen is a blender!  Go get one and get your creative juices flowing! =)


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