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    My heart beats for BEETS!

    Beets are great for cardiovascular health. They contain a nutrient called betaine that is important for heart health. Betaine also helps to fight liver disease, so for those of you who like your liquor, scientific studies with rats showed that eating more beets helped to reverse liver damage.

    I love beets because they are so refreshing in the summer. Especially when they are cooked and chilled, beets are a great addition to any salad.

    The beets shown in this post are beetroots, otherwise known as table beets or garden beets. These are the beets you will often find in your local grocery store and are either precooked or pickled.

    Beets are also used to make a cold soup called borscht, which is common in Eastern Europe.

    Borscht, a vegetable dish.

    Borscht, a vegetable dish. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Beetroot juice contains a high amount of nitrates, which is great for athletes. Remember, juice form is easily digested and the nutrients are absorbed immediately by the body. Beetroot juice can help to increase an athlete’s mental and physical performance, strength, speed, and stamina.

    Finally, the great thing about eating beets is that it can help some people detect a lack of iron in their diet. Eating beets can sometimes cause your urine to turn a pinkish/reddish color, a symptom called beeturia. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but if this happens to you, it could be a sign that you are suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Other symptoms of lack of iron include fatigue and dizziness.

    Beets are low calorie, low in fat, and have no cholesterol. Beets are also high in potassium, high in folate, and vitamins A,C, E, and K.

    These are all the reasons why I heart beets! Hopefully you heart them too!! =)



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