• The Energetics of Food

    Posted on June 9, 2012 by Elaine in Budget Conscious, Thoughts and Musings.

    Junk food copy

    Junk food

    You’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat.”  A simple concept that says if you eat junk food, you’re gonna look like you eat junk food – a flabby gut, low energy, and possibly a sallow complexion.   But there is more to this cliche besides the physical aspect – there is the energy aspect.

    The idea behind this is actually derived from the Eastern way of thinking, particularly the theories used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.   The Chinese believe that animal spirits are transferred to the meats which are eventually eaten by humans.  If the animal was tortured and suffered a great deal, that “energy” would be transferred onto the person eating the meat.

    It is hard to really know how animals were treated, even if they are labeled “cage-free” or “grass fed.”  However, more health-minded people feel better knowing that their chicken is “cage-free” and their beef is from “grass fed” cows.  It is this Eastern Chinese belief in action.
    The energies of nature are absorbed in the food we eat and are transmuted into our thoughts and actions.  There is a big difference between the personalities of that of a vegetarian and that of a carnivore – both nature AND nurture.

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    The energetics of food is apparent in other ways too.  If you are feeling down and need something to uplift you, eating an apple or an orange just might do the trick.  Apples and oranges are grown high above the ground.  With this concept, you would be absorbing the energetics of the apple grown high up near the sky.  If you’ve had a crazy week and need to calm your body and mind, eating root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, squash, or any green leafy vegetable such as swiss chard, kale or collard greens will likely help you to feel more grounded.

    Relatedly, how the food was prepared and by whom also gets transferred into your meal.  When you go out to eat at a restaurant – whether 5 star or fast-food – your meal passes through many hands.  At a 5 star restaurant, your meal is likely to have passed through someone who washed the meat or vegetables, someone who marinated the food, a sous chef, a master chef, and then a waiter/waitress.  If you believe in this theory of the energetics of food, the energies (whether good or bad) of all the people involved in preparing your meal also gets transferred into your food and then unto you.   Have you ever eaten fast food and driven through say a McDonald’s drive-thru?  Did you notice how you would scarf down your order driving on your way somewhere?   Feeling rushed, then a burst of energy, and finally tiredness sets in?

    Homemade arugula beet salad with tomatoes, corn, and olives sprinkled with a little feta cheese.

    This is the reason why I encourage you to prepare your own food or have someone in your household do so.  Home-cooked meals are always made with the big “L” – LOVE.   When you cook at home, you know that your vegetables are washed properly and that your utensils are clean.  You know that if you dropped anything while preparing the meal, it either went in the garbage or got rinsed.  Whenever I cook for someone, I put time and care into preparing that meal.   Time and care = love.    Home-cooked meals are healthier and have less fat and oils.   The energetics of home-cooked food is always better for your mind, body, and soul.

                                    Homemade shrimp pasta  - it was enough for two people with leftovers

    Most of us are too busy and on-the-go and don’t have time to grocery shop nor do we have the time to cook for ourselves.  But try cooking for yourself for one whole week and see how you feel after that week.  I’m positive your mind, body, and spirit will feel more positive, energetic, healthy, and at peace.  Most of all, you are giving yourself a big dose of what we all need the most – self love!  If I haven’t convinced you yet to cook your own meals, here’s another big plus –  it’s a lot CHEAPER to cook for yourself than to eat out.  You can make your groceries go a long way for your buck.  Not only that but all you need to do is cook once, and eat for two nights.  So really you are cooking just two or three nights a week.  Finally, cooking is therapeutic.   I usually turn on some music and really enjoy my cooking.  Going out to eat is now a big treat for me :) .  And when I do go out to eat, I order whatever I want on the menu because I know I have been eating healthy at home. Final thought, women REALLY do like it when a man can cook :) .  Happy home cooking!

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