• Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson

    Posted on April 15, 2012 by Elaine in Music, Thoughts and Musings.

    Getting a little philosophical today on a lazy Sunday here in Manhattan… something I haven’t done since my deeply reflective post on March 5th.

    One thing that I absolutely cannot live without is music.  Music inspires me – it allows me to express myself and to be reflective – occasionally enabling me to arrive at life-changing revelations and enlightenments through the well-put words of a brilliant, creative, talented artist.  Certain songs get me thinking about life, experiences, situations, and people.  I listen to classical music when I need inspiration about my business.    I listen to hip-hop (my Queens girl coming out here) when I need my tough girl persona to deal with a situation or to get pumped up at the gym.  I listen to all kinds of music, I don’t care what genre, as long as it strikes a cord within me and I can relate and reflect.   But I am also guilty of listening to what some would call “non-quality” songs but hey, you like what you like, right?

    Going forward, I will mention inspirational songs that I am listening to (I will spare you from the “non-quality” songs :) ), as I am doing with books that I am reading.  Music is something that helps me to navigate this world in a better, stronger fashion, so it is a BIG part of my health and wellness regimen.  Music is part of my daily life.  It pumps me up as I am running in Central Park or working out at the gym.  It consoles me when I am feeling sad.  It keeps me company when I am alone.  And it gets me on my heels celebrating life and boogeying on the dance floor when I feel the desire!

    As I mentioned in my March 5th post, this blog is not just a nutrition blog but also a place for you to get INSPIRED.   Sure, it is important to eat healthy, be physically fit, and to nourish our bodies.  But it is also extremely important to KNOW THYSELF and to know what YOU need to be happy.   And I certainly need music to be happy :) .

    If you are a music lover too, I will be occasionally posting songs that I am listening to and discussing them briefly and why the song inspires me.  Hopefully through this, you will find a new tune to add to your iPod that inspires you too :) .

    A song that I make sure to listen to once a week is  ”Man in the Mirror” by the late Michael Jackson.   Despite the turmoil, drugs, and tumultuous personal life he lived, this song allows me to see him as the deep person he was before Hollywood corrupted his soul.  But, more importantly, this song always reminds me that change, REAL LASTING CHANGE comes from within.  You can change how you look externally – the clothes you wear, the make-up you put on, the muscles you flex – but DEEP, LASTING CHANGE comes from inside yourself and it comes when you are ready to make that change.  Before you can make a positive impact on the world as we all want to do, change always starts with yourself first.

    I have always said that the world we live in now is one of immediate self-gratification – everyone always wants a piece of you.  You can make the world a better place by first looking within yourself to change the things that need changing.  New York City is an amazing place – it is a kaleidoscope of everything good, bad, beautiful and ugly.  It took me a long time to find ways to protect my innocence from the bad and ugly that NYC can bring out in people.   Sometimes when I feel like I am straying from my path, I listen to this song to remind myself that no one can take from me what is deeply rooted from within my soul.    And that, my friends, is positive change that you take the time to make within yourself.     Because I have taken the time to make changes within myself, I am now able to positively impact the people and the world around me and to give selflessly in my volunteer work.

    When I speak about “change” it can be anything depending on your individual situation.   For some it is changing bad eating habits or losing 10 pounds through exercise.  For others it is developing the strength to get rid of negative people/bad influences in your life or leaving a bad relationship.  Change could be reducing material clutter in your closet and simplifying your life or developing a deep, lasting, understanding relationship with yourself.  Change could also be stopping any addictions in your life that are preventing you from functioning as your best self – whether it is smoking, drinking alcohol, or doing drugs – none of these can bring about anything positive in ANYONE.  Change for you could be leaving a job that is making you unhappy, like I have done.

    Change is very subjective.  Only you know what you need to change.  Change cannot be done alone.   Family and true friends and your significant other are the ones to lean on when you are embarking on deep, internal change.   I am also here to help you, encourage you, and motivate you should you need another shoulder to lean on :D .   Don’t be afraid to reach out to me if you need additional support.

    So go forth today and reflect on ONE thing that you would like to change about yourself.

    Make today the day that you start on that journey towards positive internal change that only YOU know will help you live a better life and will allow you to eventually positively impact the world around you.

    “I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways…..  If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.” –  Michael Jackson


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