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    Let me tell you about something that I just LOVE to snack on!   It’s seaweed!   I know you might be picturing the seaweed that gets tangled around your legs when you are swimming in the ocean … it’s not too far from that.  Except the kind of seaweed I snack on is roasted :) .   This kind of dried, roasted seaweed is called nori.   It is the seaweed that is commonly used on sushi rolls.   Not only does it taste good  on sushi rolls, but also alone in sheets.  They usually come in mini packages that you can carry around in your bag.  Each mini package is cut into 1/8 inch thick of about 11 sheets.  Three packages will only cost you $2.   I love nori because it satisfies my craving for something salty and for something to munch on.  One mini package has only 40 calories, 2 grams of fat, 3 grams of carbs, and 3 grams of protein.  Although it is salty, it only has 120 mg of sodium.  Nori is not only high in protein but also high in fiber and omega-3s.   It also is a good source of iodine, carotene, and vitamins A, B, C.

    Another type of seaweed that is delicious to snack on but also good for you, is wakame seaweed.

    boiled Wakame ja:茹でたワカメ

    boiled Wakame ja:茹でたワカメ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    The wakame can be kept in its thicker, wider, papparadella form or sliced into thinner strips. It is the seaweed that is often used in Japanese seaweed salads and in miso soup.   Wakame is loaded with calcium and magnesium and acts as a diuretic, making it great to relieve bloating and to also help release water weight.  The color of wakame is thought to add in improving insulin resistance and also burn fatty tissue.  It is no wonder that because of all these benefits, wakame seaweed is nicknamed the seaweed for women!

    A third type of seaweed that is very nutritious, particularly for athletes is arame seaweed. A healthy lunch is a salmon avocado roll with Japanese arame seaweed salad.   It is loaded with potassium, which is great for preventing muscle cramps. It is thought to also have anti-viral and anti-obesity properties too.  Arame is long and thin, sweet tasting strands of seaweed and can be tossed with pasta, mushrooms, tomatoes and olive oil to make a nice summer salad!

    The final type of seaweed is kombu.  It is a leafy kelp that is a good source of iodine.  Keep in mind that all seaweed is a good source of iodine.  But too much iodine can be dangerous to your thyroid health.  So the next time you eat Japanese food, know that you are getting a nutritious meal from the seaweed that is in your sushi rolls, miso soup, and if you are daring enough, in your multi-seaweed salad!

    Miso Soup

    Miso Soup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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