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    The Mall and Literary Walk, Central Park, NYC

    The Mall and Literary Walk, Central Park, NYC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Ahhh… Spring is finally here!    As is always the case here in Manhattan, when Spring arrives, people come out of the woodworks and hibernation is over.  You almost forget that there are millions of people living in New York City!   And in the Spring and Summer, everyone ventures towards Central Park – jogging, biking, picnicking, or walking along with their furry friends.  The down side is that warmer weather creates pollen in trees, and hence, the dreaded allergy season.   Then dander from animals and dust make it even worse for allergy sufferers.    Fortunately (knock on wood),  I have never suffered from allergies but know enough people who do.   It is absolutely unbearable.  Similar to having the flu or a really bad cold, the clogging of the nasal passages, itchy, red eyes, constant sneezing and wheezing, and tightening of the throat is enough to make one cancel even their hottest date!  But what if you REALLY want to keep that date?   Although you can easily pop a pill, the side effects and the fact that these pharmaceutical meds are chemically created should make it a last resort.  Natural remedies are the healthier way to go.

    The first natural remedy to try is to drink some honey water everyday.   Any type of local honey will suffice.   The reason for using honey made locally is because it will be made from the bee pollen in your area.  By eating local honey, you will be building your immune system to get used to the local pollen.  Makes sense, right?   Just add some to hot water and drink away.  You can also squeeze a bit of lemon or add a piece of fresh ginger if you want to add some flavor.    This concoction is also great for sore throats in the winter.   My mother used to be allergic to everything and two years ago drank honey hot water for an entire year.  She is living testament that this natural remedy really works because her allergies are completely gone!

    Another natural remedy is to increase your vitamin C intake.  You want to build up your immune system  so that your body becomes strong enough to combat whatever you are allergic to.

    Grape seed and querecetin are additional supplements that can help to alleviate allergies.  Querecetin is in red wine so drinking red wine might help :) .   Allergists recommend that what you DON’T eat can also help alleviate allergies.  Bananas, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, chamomile and echinacea are thought to exacerbate allergies.

    In addition to these natural remedies, you can purchase a neti pot and flush out your sinuses.

    Ceramic neti pot; neti pots can also be made f...

    Ceramic neti pot; neti pots can also be made from glass, metal, or plastic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    It is basically a little plastic contraption that you fill with saline water and spray into your nose.  It can also be made of ceramic, like the one in the photo.

    Hopefully one of these natural remedies help you or any allergy sufferers you know to enjoy the arrival of Spring a bit more!


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