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    Posted on February 11, 2012 by Elaine in Calorie Counter, Thoughts and Musings.

    The World's Drinks And How To Mix Them


    We live in a society that likes to imbibe alchohol, more so than ever before. After work drinks, business drinks, birthday party drinks, date drinks – it is definitely hard to avoid that alcoholic beverage. You can’t go to a lounge and order a Coca-Cola with lemon (I’ve done that before and was laughed at). So to succumb to our current societal pressures, you are going to have to order at least one alcoholic drink. The trick is to just nurse it. If you can’t just nurse it, at least you are in control of one thing – the calories.

    If you are trying to watch those calories and stay the skinny, sexy bitch that you are – your go-to drink is the Skinny Bitch drink.

    It’s a colloquial term for a popular drink. What’s in the Skinny Bitch drink? Vodka and club soda. Period. Club soda has zero calories but has the fizz to mimic soda and give your taste buds the notion that you are drinking soda with calories. And it’s not so bad when you add a splash of lime. As a former bartender, it’s quite a popular drink among the models. To keep up with our current society, obsessed with being skinny as can be, companies have come up with low calorie mixers and low calorie beers. Stay away from the 800 calorie margarita because not only are you going to get a beer gut but you will have to run over 6 miles to get rid of that one margarita. Not pleasant, huh?

    A vodka soda will only set you back about 70 calories. My favorite drink many, many years ago was Jack Daniels and Coke. That is close to 200 calories! And if you like beer, a Heineken and a Stella each have close to 400 calories!

    So if you like to drink alcohol or HAVE to drink alcohol to close that deal, but want the best bang for your calories, go with the Skinny Bitch drink. It didn’t get that name from the modeling industry without good reason. Cheers and happy (low calorie) drinking!

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