• Wheat Germ

    Posted on February 2, 2012 by Elaine in Sprinkle This....

    Sprinkle this in your food … wheat germ!

    Sounds unappetizing for those who don’t know what wheat germ is. Essentially it is the embryo within the grain from which the grain sprouts. It is grain in its purest form. And because of this purity, it is exceptionally high in levels of B-Complex vitamins and vitamin E and is a great source of protein and fiber. You can choose between toasted wheat germ and untoasted wheat germ. I prefer the untoasted version because heat is known to kill off some of the valuable vitamins and you want to keep the “embryo” in it’s purest form. Keep in mind, it isn’t completely tasteless because I’ve tasted it before. But then again, I’m known to have really strong taste buds so you may not taste it as much as I do. It isn’t the greatest taste so I wouldn’t advise putting too much into your cereals, oatmeal, or smoothies. Probably half a teaspoon, essentially, a sprinkle will suffice. The great thing is that you can put untoasted wheat germ in almost everything you eat! By spreading it out across a wide range of foods, it can help to minimize that taste and maximize your daily protein and fiber intake. It provides about 25% of your daily protein intake. It is low in fat, no trans fat, low in sugar, and free of sodium and cholesterol. Could possibly be the world’s most perfect add-on! A sprinkle here, a sprinkle there will get you your additional dose of vitamins. I put it in my cookies, cakes, and breads that I bake. I also sprinkle it on my cereals, oatmeal, and in my smoothies.

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