• Skinny Smoothie

    Posted on January 31, 2012 by Elaine in Budget Conscious, Calorie Counter.

    How many of you have tried liquid diets or juicing cleanses? It’s not the most appetizing nor pleasant experience. Great to do once in a while to detox but on a regular basis, why not make something that’s delicious, low in fat, and good for you?

    Today I made one of my all-time favorite smoothies – strawberry banana peach yogurt smoothy with a blast of untoasted wheat germ and flax seed. Sounds like a mouthful huh? =) Super simple, cheap, and quick to make. You will probably pay close to $10 for a smoothie like this at Jamba Juice. For $9 I bought a large 18 oz pan of blueberries, two 16 oz pans of strawberries, and 4 bananas – enough to make 6 different smoothies! And purchased on the street fruit carts on the Upper East side, no less!

    Here’s what goes into your blender – some cubes of ice, a handful of fresh strawberries (cut off the stems and cut in halves), one fresh banana cut into pieces, some frozen sliced peaches, a dollop of fat free plain yogurt, and a sprinkle of untoasted wheat germ and ground flax seed. Flax seeds are usually purchased whole and you can grind them with your blender if you have a chopper accessory with your blender. (Check out my Sprinkle This… section for more information about wheat germ and flax seeds). I measure my smoothie by tasting the concoction after the first blend. If it’s too thick, I add some fat free milk. If it’s too watery, I add some more frozen peaches or fruit. Once you make this smoothie enough times, you can eyeball everything and know exactly how you like it. I like my smoothie a bit thicker and icier, so I often add more ice cubes to make it almost like a cold fruit frosty!

    Smoothies are great because they are filling, economical, easy to make and eat – especially if you are always on-the-go. Remember, you can be creative and put whatever you like in them. Have fun during the process and make your blender your new best friend!

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