• Birth of Freshy Eats!

    Posted on January 28, 2012 by Elaine in Thoughts and Musings.

    It is a brand new year and cliche as it sounds, my New Year’s resolution is to be healthier.   Eating healthy plays an integral part in a person’s overall wellness.  The nutrients you derive from healthy food sources are absorbed into your body and contribute to mental and physical acuteness and wellness.  Eating healthier can help you deal with situations in your life better – whether it’s a crazy, micro-managing boss or an unreliable boyfriend or your kids who just won’t stop fighting.  Putting good nutrients into your body can help you to respond more positively to daily stresses.  It can help you keep the internal peace that is so important to your well-being and so important to help you be the best friend, mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, athlete, and career woman that you need to be.

    I am a product of what I eat and so are you – what you put into your body is what you get out of it.   This blog has been created as a central part in my journey to be the best I can be in all that I do.   Providing you with helpful information can hopefully, in turn, benefit all that YOU do too.  And it all starts with the commonality we all have as human beings – the need to EAT!   There are some who eat to live and others who live to eat.   Whichever category you fall into is okay.  What matters is what you are eating.  This blog will be your go-to resource to learn about the most nutritious foods you can find out there to eat.   Want to learn about protein options other than meat?  Want to learn about the best post-run hydration and food choices?  Want to learn how to show healthy and what to stock in your fridge?   Want the skinny on what snacks to stash in your purse for the on-the-go, busy gal that you are?  Want the skinny on how to save money and still eat healthy?  Want the skinny on how to stay skinny?

    Welcome to Freshy Eats!

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