Ready to learn how to LOOK FRESH, EAT PURE, and FEEL ALIVE?

Confused with all the nutrition info out there? Want to learn how to eat right for your unique body type and lifestyle? Work with me in a private, comfortable setting here in beautiful San Francisco, California to uncover hidden stressors in your life. Learn to shop, cook, and eat healthier. Learn to juice. Learn to cleanse and detox. Finally, learn and apply wellness to your everyday life. Another day waiting is another day wasted... start today on your path to a healthier life. You only have ONE life, make it GREAT.

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Want to learn more about juicing?

Learn to incorporate a homemade juice into your daily diet for better health and a slimmer body. A one-on-one personalized juicing session. I provide all the machines and the groceries. Just show up!

Want to learn to cook healthier?

Learn to cook healthier for your body type. I teach you how to cook quick and easy HEALTHY meals for you and your loved ones. I provide the equipment and groceries. You just show up and be open and ready to cook!

Want to talk to someone to evaluate your life?

Try a life coaching session with me! As a trained life coach, I ask the questions that are meant to bring out hidden stressors in your life that are preventing you from moving forward. Whether it's your health, job, or relationships, one life coaching session will reveal a lot. All information shared is kept confidential

Want to learn to shop healthier?

I take you on a health food shopping tour and answer questions along the way. You will never look at a grocery store the same! Learn what food staples to keep at home so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every week to make healthy meals. Learn what foods to stay away from. We meet at your neighborhood grocery store. Just show up and get ready to shop!

Welcome to Freshy Eats! My name is Elaine and I am a private practice Nutrition and Life Coach working with women only here in beautiful San Francisco, California. I also am a corporate wellness presenter. I offer private juicing sessions, life coaching sessions, cooking sessions, meditation sessions, and healthy food shopping sessions. Work with me to LOOK FRESH, EAT PURE, AND FEEL ALIVE. START TODAY! We all know what we should be doing to be healthier. But knowing is different from doing. A coach can hold you accountable, motivate and teach you to DO.